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    Fuji 60mm F2.4 works very well

    I have upgrade to the latest firmware, lens focus is right on, very little hunting ,focus locks easily, just make sure your focus dot is completely on the contrasty part of the subject and use the corrected AF selection
    highly cropped shot at the carwash
    Flowers, cactus and a surprise

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    Nice! I've placed the 60mm in the cart, and then deleted, then put it back in, then deleted again, a few times!
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    It is good to hear a positive report on that lens. It has not gotten a lot of good press.
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    The thing with this lens is you have to use the corrected AF on SAF and pay attention that the square covers the object of focus, it also worked well tracking in CAF and was near perfect with the AFL button in manual focus.

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    Just received my 60, updated the firmware to 1.02--now heading off tomorrow to try it out. I have been photographing for over 45 years, and have been through every format and type of camera, but the X Pro 1 is the perfect fit for me. Thanks, Fuji!
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    Thanks, the cute dog belonged to some random guy waiting for his car, I love your dog portraits, I need to post some of our's.

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    I wish I could afford this camera. I just have to live vicariously through you all. Thanks for sharing!
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    I'm quite impressed with the pics I'm seeing from this lens.
    I just received my 60 yesterday and have not had a chance to get out and shoot with it yet. I now have all three! So far, with the few pictures I've taken with this camera I LOVE IT! I do wish Fuji would find a way to increase the size of the framing lines when using the optical viewfinder with the 60mm, just a minor glitch I'm sure I'll get used to.
    Have any of you found a lens cap that fits over the 60's lens hood? Trying to put that little pinch cap on with the hood attached is quite a pain!
    Love all the helpful hints and advice I get on this forum!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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    Quote Originally Posted by stanleyk View Post
    I just tried a 77mm from a Nikon 24-70mm and fits like a glove after reading your post. GREAT IDEA!! I hadn't thought of that. I replaced the hoods that came with the 18 and 35 with some el cheapo ones that screw into the 52mm glass protection filters. I have no idea how many lens caps front and rear I've lost + lens hoods ect. I figured they many not look as good as the Fuji ones but then they would be cheaper to replace. I also replaced the 52mm Fuji caps with 52mm Nikon ones. Those really are tight.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, the 77 pinch cap fits perfectly on the 60mm hood. I'm about to order one. That hood is kind of hard to to take on and off when you are out walking around. Problem solved!!!!!
    Thanks! I'll hunt one down today.( I probably have one stuck in a box somewhere)
    One other question. Any hints on what to use for an sd card? I'm using a 16 gb Lexar Pro 133x, but I'm wondering if an upgrade would make much of a difference in write speed. So far, not an issue but I don't want to find out the hard way that I should have gone with a faster card.

    Thanks again!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanleyk View Post
    I have one of those Lexar cards. I'm just about to load up the dogs up to go hiking. Let me try it out. I have been using the Sandisk 8GB Extreme card. It seems to work pretty fast, but I'm not a machine gun shooter. I usually have to keep my eye on Ruby so I don't end up at the Emergency Vet which kind of curtails my ability to to take a lot of pictures..... Bless her heart she is just a very busy, adventurous little dog. Anyway, I'll replace the Sandisk and use the Lexar today. I'll see if it makes any difference. I seem to remember the Lexar was a good card. I usually just get whatever is on sale with SD cards. So, I think Sandisks must have been on sale at Amazon when I got the camera.

    I just tried the 77 again it works perfect. The Nikon version is more expensive but those things really pinch.

    I am terrified I am going to lose the rear lens caps. I have yet to find out where I can get a replacement.

    I'll write back on this thread when I get back this afternoon about the card.
    Thanks for doing my homework for me!
    So far that card has worked fine, but occasionally I find myself using the "6 fps" mode to capture moving animals or something else that might be moving. I know the faster cards are quite pricey, but it would be the last expensive item I'd need to buy for this camera(I hope)!

    Thanks again and enjoy your walk with Ruby and the other pooches, and PLEASE stay out of the vet!

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