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Thread: Nikon EVIL coming in April rumor

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    Nikon EVIL coming in April rumor

    Here's the link

    Nikon Rumored to Announce Mirrorless Pro Camera in April 2011

    There's a related story about the camera needing an internal fan

    Nikon May Use Fan to Cool Down Its Mirrorless Cameras

    Thankfully I don't feel the a flare up in my GAS reading about this camera :)
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    Thank you Kevin!

    I'm very glad to hear you aren't having a flareup over this one and are content with your NEX and lensesssssssssss.

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    I'm guessing the fan would only need to operate during extended video shooting.

    Actually, my main guess is that Nikon won't have a fan at all, but the patent is more of a 'just in case' or 'what if' type.

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